Gigaset Cordless / Handset


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  • Cordless
  • Vivavoce
  • Supporto voip No
  • N° portatili nella confezione 1
  • Standard dect/gap No
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Cordless / Handset Gigaset  C550AM 12BB0861379

Perfect combination: innovative technology and ease of use

Why choose when you can have everything you are looking for in the same phone? Gigaset COMFORT 550 convinces with its elegant and modern design, perfect ergonomics, high technology and maximum comfort. It is the ideal phone for home and office. The technology, under its elegant case, is innovative and its many functions will facilitate your daily communications. For example it has excellent acoustics in both conversation and sound, thus helping you to hear better in noisy environments. It is also equipped with a wired headset connection, useful as a work tool. The Gigaset COMFORT 550A model also offers an integrated answering machine with a recording time of up to 30 minutes.

Perfect navigation: from the large display to the comfort of the keyboard

Welcome to your personal comfort zone: the Gigaset COMFORT 550 is so easy and pleasant to use for your conversations, it will meet your highest quality standards for landline phones. The large, high-contrast TFT color display (44 x 35 mm) with graphics that guarantee optimal readability and a variety of color and symbol combinations, gives it an extremely modern and elegant appearance. While the jumbo mode, which allows an extra-large display of numbers when dialing, and the large, single and illuminated keys, make the Gigaset COMFORT 550 the perfect companion in everyday life.

Perfect protection: from silent mode to black list

When your phone doesn't stop ringing, the Gigaset COMFORT 550 can block calls! The newly developed unwanted call protection reliably protects you from advertising calls or dangerous phone scams. You can easily block up to 150 phone numbers by blacklisting them. Furthermore, you can also block or mute anonymous callers at any time. With time control, however, you can determine the periods of time when the phone should or should not ring. However, you can grant preferential treatment to some callers by placing them in a VIP directory, so that you can talk to them at any time. And, for extreme protection, you can only allow contacts from the VIP address book to contact you, then all other calls will be blocked. With the Gigaset COMFORT 550 you decide when and by whom you are contacted.

Perfect Address Book: Complete with everything you need to stay in touch

Keep in touch! Yes, it is easy to keep in touch with your loved ones thanks to the comfortable and spacious address book of the Gigaset COMFORT 550. The phone can store up to 200 contacts, each with three phone numbers. These voices can also be easily exchanged between your additional Gigaset handsets. Thanks to the automatic birthday reminder field, the cordless phone will be able to remember the important dates of your contacts. In addition, you can assign different melodies to the most important people in your life, so you can recognize who is calling you on the first ring. And finally, the practical keypad allows you to store the contacts you call most often in the keys, so you can make calls to your favorite contacts more quickly.

Perfect customization: from the display to the ringtones

If you have high expectations, the Gigaset COMFORT 550 is just the thing for you. This cordless phone is unique, thanks to its customization options. You can choose between different display backgrounds, the preset dark background, which matches the modern design of the COMFORT 550, or a high-contrast white background. For the screensaver, you can choose between an analog or digital clock. You can also customize the sound by choosing from the many ringtones and you can choose the right frequency range between two acoustic profiles (high or low) for an optimal listening experience. And to distinguish contacts on the first ring, you can also assign different ringtones to important callers.

Gigaset COMFORT 550A with answering machine

You can always count on the Gigaset COMFORT 550A's integrated answering machine to answer the phone when you can't. Thanks to the convenient remote message listening function, you decide when and where to listen to the messages. Even in the event of a power failure, nothing is lost, your messages are saved indefinitely. The Gigaset COMFORT 550A answering machine can be configured to suit your needs and has a recording time of up to 30 minutes. You can also specify the duration of the recording. And you can record a personal greeting to make your phone unique.

Simply perfect: suitable for all ages and for the whole family

Making calls is a requirement for everyone and for all ages! Thanks to the easy-to-read display and hearing aid compatibility, even older people can enjoy the Gigaset COMFORT 550. And, for children, we have thought of direct dialing of a pre-assigned number by pressing any key on the keypad. The babyphone function is also very practical. This phone behaves, in fact, like a baby monitor, when a noise threshold is exceeded, the Gigaset COMFORT 550 automatically establishes a connection, with other handsets in the house or even with the smartphone of mum or dad, to warn that the children have wake up. In babyphone mode, incoming calls are shown only visually on the display, without any ringtone.

Gigaset COMFORT 550A IP

Internet telephony and IP-based connections have many advantages, which is why more and more people are using them. You too can benefit from the advantages of these new technologies: for example, excellent sound quality in HD, multiple phone numbers and the ability to make multiple calls at the same time, of course with multiple handsets available. Connect your Gigaset to the LAN port of the router, choose your provider and start making calls over the internet. Gigaset COMFORT 550A IP flex having the base detached from the laptop is very convenient when you have the router hidden at home, so you don't have to sacrifice convenience for your calls.

Gigaset COMFORT 550A IP flex allows you to manage up to six VoIP phone numbers from multiple providers. You can assign up to six compatible handsets and three answering machines to phone numbers. Even if you want to use the Gigaset COMFORT 550A IP flex in "non-IP" mode, this telephone system with answering machine guarantees flawless calls even over analog connections.

More portable for more convenience

Answer phone calls quickly with other additional phones placed anywhere in your home. Another 5 additional handsets can be associated with the base, for a total of 6 cordless phones. The perfect solution for large families or multi-story homes. The advantage of having two or more laptops is definitely the convenience. You can put a cordless phone in every room of your house, because only one laptop connects to the telephone line, the others you can place them wherever you want, because you only need electricity. You can comfortably transfer incoming calls from one laptop to another, simply by pressing a button, moreover, speak for free with a family member who is in another room of the house, and have shared or separate directories.


But what exactly does ECO DECT mean? It means greater attention to the environment and to you! Gigaset phones are in fact free of radiation when they are in standby mode, i.e. stowed in the base, or simply not in use. Also during a call, the transmission power automatically adjusts to the distance between the handset and the base to reduce the emission of radio waves. To take advantage of the maximum DECT range, you can deactivate the ECO DECT mode at any time. Thanks to the latest generation charger you can save on electricity compared to traditional cordless phones.

Scheda Tecnica


Tipo Telefono analogico/DECT

Segreteria telefonica Si

Tipo di apparecchio Cornetta wireless

Raggio d'azione interno 50 m

Raggio d'azione esterno 300 m

Numero di melodie 18

modalità ECO Si

Compatibile GAP: Si


Tipo di montaggio Parete

Colore del prodotto Nero

Telefono per persone anziane No

Pulsanti retroilluminati Si

Caratteristiche del telefono

Telefono con vivavoce Si

Capacità rubrica 200 voci

Short Message Service (SMS) Si

Funzionalità multiricevitore 6

Gruppo VIP con icona / melodia propria Si

Gestione chiamata

Identificatore di chiamata Si

Possibilità di conferenza telefonica Si

Capacità trasferimento chiamata Si

Presentazione identificazione della linea chiamante (CLIP) Si

Blocco chiamate Si

Orario di chiamata Si

Caratteristiche di gestione

Tasti di navigazione Si

Sveglia Si

Controllo del volume Pulsanti

Personalizzazione Suonerie

Calendario Si

Compatibile con ausili acustici Si

Supporto lingue Multi


Tipologia display TFT

Dimensioni schermo 44 x 35 mm

Risoluzione del display 220 x 176 Pixel

Retroilluminazione display Si

Colore retroilluminazione Variabile

Controllo luminosità Si

Display incorporato Si


Connettività cuffia 3, 5 mm

Gestione energetica

Tensione di ingresso AC 230 V

Tipo batteria Mini Stilo AAA

Numero di batterie 2

Tecnologia batteria Nichel-Metallo Idruro (NiMH)

Tempo di conversazione 17 h

Tempo di stand-by 320 h

Dimensioni e peso

Dimensioni base 123 x 99 x 43 mm

Dimensioni ricevitore (LxPxA) 52 x 26 x 161 mm

Peso ricevitore 115 g

Peso della base 158 g

Contenuto dell'imballo

Numero di cornette incluse 1

Base inclusa Si

Manuale dell'utente Si