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  • Cinturino intercambiabile
  • Durata batteria 72 h
  • Capacità batteria 420 mAh
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SmartWatch Nilox sport  BODYGUARD LIME GREEN 32NXBOTRGP002

How much are the things you love worth? As accurate as a clock, as easy as a phone, and as useful as a map, Bodyguard will protect them. Giving you the immediate location and contact of its wearer, anywhere and anytime, for a peace of mind like never before.

Choose your Bodyguard among 3 available colours: Black, Lime Green o Purple.

 Press bodyguard SOS button for 2 seconds to:
- call first number on your contact list and talk to him through the speaker
- start live tracking (which you can stop using the app)

Being a mobile phone, bodyguard can be tracked almost anywhere. It combines 3 tracking systems at the same time: GSM (the second best) + a combination (hybrid) of wifi and GPS as bodyguard is enabled to 'see' local routers, if any, based on google technology.

Moreover, you can identify your "Safe zones" and receive an alert when/if bodyguard goes in or out of them.

Scheda Tecnica

Specifiche tecniche

Dimensione Schermo 1 "

Touchscreen No

Bluetooth No

Memoria Interna 0, 256 GB


Giroscopio No

Contapassi No

Comandi Vocali No

Meteo No

Eye Tracking Activation No

Waterproof No

Sleep tracker No

Heart tracking No

Notifiche push

Activity Tracker No

Safe zones

SOS button

Voice call


SIM-Lock Free

Cinturino Removibile


Compatibilità Smartphone/Tablet Compatibile con smartphone e tablet (via app), no PC

Caratteristiche Dispositivo  di rilevamento posizione


Durata batteria 72 h

Capacità Batteria 420 mAh

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